When last I posted, I talked about starting the little miss on meds for her attention. She was doing well in everything, but her inability to keep her attention (which she has tons of) on anything for an extended period, and that was really hamstringing her.

I won’t say that meds have made the situation perfect. Hell, my own meds for ADHD/ASD don’t make things magically perfect.


Having been through the education system without any diagnosis that came in my adult years, I can say that this is helping her. Both at home and school. It’s not that there is a “neurotypical” child inside her that they let out. There is a bright, talkative, inventive autistic child that shines through now that’s she’s not fighting her own brain to get out all her ideas at once.

And it’s not without issues. But now that she’s able to better articulate her ideas, we’re able to work with her and her teachers to make her school time better and using portions of my education to help make her home time better.

At this point she’s been on her medication since mid-December and beginning of next month we have a review with her doctor about how things are going and dose adjustments.

One thing I’ll say – she’s not a zombie. She’s just as creative and zany as she was before, but now instead of a wide beam, she’s able to laser pinpoint focus.

So, the last three months have been a new experience and we’re adjusting as a family.

Until next time – which hopefully won’t be three months from now – stay happy, safe and make sure that you tell your loved ones that you love them because our time on this rock isn’t guaranteed.