This week, the little miss turns four. Reflecting on the last four years and how much things have changed is a bittersweet exercise. She’s definitely a four-nado.

From day one she’s been a child that goes against all odds. I call her my impossible girl because there has been so much that has happened that she shouldn’t have been with us (also because she does share a birthday with an important event in Doctor Who history and one of the companions).

This year, we saw her start school and get her autism spectrum diagnosis. She travelled to visit her grandparents and enjoyed a summer with them.

She is flourishing. She is blossoming. She is amazing. She loves space, and rockets. She loves unicorns. She loves her Nana and Grampy and loves her Grampy’s motorcycle.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Even if I want to pause things so I can hold her tight for just a little bit longer before she gets embarrassed by me.