Back to School

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Today the Little Miss headed back to school for the first time since March. She went on a classroom tour last week, and got to spend time with her teachers and read them some books. To say I’m worried is an understatement. This virus has changed pretty much everything, and being a family on the…… Continue reading Back to School

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Pandemic Schooling

So, this week, we got the information from our school board about the return to school in about three weeks. School was out/virtual from March break until June due to the pandemic. I will say that I’m very hesitant about sending kiddo back to school. The positives are that she’ll be in a very small…… Continue reading Pandemic Schooling

Learning At Home

It’s been about two months since things came to a grinding halt. We initially thought it was going to be two weeks longer than the planned March Break. But, in some ways for the best, we’ve been trying to learn from home. Kiddo has been doing well. She misses the heck out of interacting with…… Continue reading Learning At Home

Happy Learner

One thing I’ve had throughout my life is that I’ve always been a happy learner. I love learning. That doesn’t mean that I’ve always liked school. In fact I’ve had a hard time with our public education system. With the little miss getting an ASD diagnosis, and my own diagnosis being changed, it has been…… Continue reading Happy Learner

School Time!

I had intended, as the little miss is one of the children born at the end of the year, to hold her back until next year to go to junior kindergarten. But it was suggested to get her into school ASAP (why this was suggested, I’ll talk about in a post soon). So off to…… Continue reading School Time!