It’s been a while since I last updated. I know, bad blogger.

Right now I’m wiped because it’s summertime and my little monkey is making the most out of it, trying to learn how to swim, staying at her Nana and GrandDada’s trailer for a while, and just being active and full of beans.

This is the first real summer that she’s experienced away from home, and it has been interesting. She didn’t handle some things well (like naps. OMFG naps), but took to other things like a duck to water. Now we’re working on getting her on a schedule again, as we had a decent one this summer while we were away. Sadly, the last bits of teething and being mean to us all and we’re adjusting the schedule to match.

She has found her words this summer, and I am still very amazed at how she makes connections. We’re working on things daily, and while not every day is a win, there is an over-all improvement.

This was also the first year that she really got bug bites (damn mosquitos) and she inherited her mother and Nana’s response to that. Yep, with us it’s go big when bit.

I am going to enjoy the last bits of summer with her, before the fall comes and we see things cool off.