The little miss has developed a more than passing interest in space. She loves dang near everything to do with space. Rockets, Planets, Comets… you name it and she’s into it. I am fairly certain she has dreams of space.

I think she comes by it honestly. I realized I could never go to space myself at a young age (between multiple physical issues that would keep me from it), I have been wishing and dreaming with a telescope.

Soon I’ll be getting her her first telescope. I know she’s not got the patience yet to sit for hours just to watch stuff. But looking at the moon and looking at planets isn’t out of the question. I just have to hope that we don’t have the cloudiest summer on record this year.

I wish that I could get a nice quiet place outside of the city, but still close enough for broadband, that I could get a SkyShed Pod and a nice Dobsonian and just be, and let her see the wonders of the universe.

Because I’ll be dreaming of space, and I know she is too.