I am beginning to think that anyone who says that has never had a child, forgot having a child or had a child that slept easily.

The Kidlet sleeps, but she fights it tooth and nail. We’re working on getting her into a schedule, and it’s mostly working, but there are still nights where we’re woken up multiple times. It doesn’t help that one of the side effects of her medications for her hemangiomas is nightmares/night terrors.

Right now she’s gone down for a nap, with little resistance. I know that children don’t get the ability to regulate their sleep cycles until around 2-3 years of age, and as someone over the age of 20, I wish there were a roll-over plan for all the naps I refused/argued against as a child.

She sleeps fine when she gets to sleep, unfortunately, though I do try to follow the advice to sleep when she sleeps, sometimes my brain, the evil lump of grey matter, likes to make me think that she’s screaming her fool head off when she’s just snoring… ah yes, a legacy from every side of her family. I will one day tell her how my grandmother maintained that she didn’t snore until one day she woke herself up…. snoring.

One of the issues with ADHD is getting your mind, which runs like a computer that’s been over clocked, to shut down when it’s time to sleep. I’ve tried prescription sleep aids, herbal teas, mindfulness exercises. My brain will just NOT shut up most days. I live on caffeine and inappropriate thoughts, as a friend of mine has said.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get my second large cup of coffee for the day, and do stupid things faster.