With the COVID-19 pandemic all the schools are closed in our province for the next two weeks minimum. So, we’re trying to work on home schooling the Little Miss.

We’re doing our part in social distancing and washing our hands/sanitizing. But being on the spectrum presents some challenges that we are trying to meet head on.

One is a consistent schedule. Where everyone is working from home it’s easy to slip into the habit of just doing things whenever, where ever. So we’re working on the visual schedule. Little Miss’ father is the hardest one to get and keep on a schedule, as he has issues with telling the passage of time, and turning off reminders without actually doing what the reminders were set for.

So far we’ve done some math, some language arts and some social skills. I’ll have to see if this is something that we keep up over the next days and weeks.

I’m hoping that people take the precautions seriously. We’ve had community spread confirmed in our city, and staying the heck home and at least 6 feet apart needs to be done to help keep people like myself healthy. We need to act as if we’re already infected.