So, this week, we got the information from our school board about the return to school in about three weeks. School was out/virtual from March break until June due to the pandemic.

I will say that I’m very hesitant about sending kiddo back to school. The positives are that she’ll be in a very small class of six, and I have confidence in her teachers and EAs. The negatives – well, we’re still in a pandemic. I, myself, am higher risk if I get COVID-19.

I really don’t like the lack of time we’re getting to decide about this, I’ll be honest.

At this point, we’re leaning towards sending her to school, as she does better in that environment for learning, and with the small class size and the ratio of students to teachers, we’re marginally less worried.

This pandemic has really been hard on all of us. Kiddo has missed her friends, has missed the daily routine that she has with the school. I wish we had the miracle of a vaccine. We haven’t seen her grandparents, who she loves so much since last year.

It’s also a reminder that none of us exists in a bubble. I have friends who have children on the spectrum of all ages and genders. We’ve all got different struggles, but we’re there for each other, and I still feel blessed by having them in my life.

Please take care of yourselves, and hopefully I’ll be back to posting more now that the office has been renovated and we’re getting back into a schedule for working.