This week is the end of Kidlet’s first year of school. Her first year of Kindergarten (we have Jr and Sr here) is over.

In the fall, she’ll go back to her Senior Kindergarten year at the same school.

It’s not been the year I hoped for. In some ways it has been better, in others it’s been worse. No one would have thought that in March we’d be looking at September as the return to school. I am not complaining in some senses – I’m glad to keep my kiddo and others safe until we have better ways to deal with COVID-19.

I see her hurt that she can’t play with her friends. She is a very very social child and not being able to play with them is hurting. I hurt watching her hurt.

We’ve made some big strides for next year as well. She’ll be going back 100% in big girl underwear. That was something that as a mother of a child on the spectrum, that I had worried about. But we’ve made that turn and she’s been so excited to pick out her own underwear and go to the potty by herself.

I’m hoping that her wonderful kindergarten teachers and education assistants will help her make bigger strides. We’re so blessed and thankful for their support throughout this.

But, to quote Alice Cooper – School’s Out for summer!