So, yeah, I’ve been gone for a long time. I do have an excuse. I have been busy chasing around a toddler who has two speeds – either on or off.
We’ve also had a lot happening in our personal lives. I’m in the final stages of submitting my first novel, and we’re working on getting things sorted in our rooms here.

But things aren’t all sunshine and roses. The little miss seems to have a bit of a speech delay. We’re currently working with our local children’s hospital to see what we can do to get this done. So far, it’s been good news, but we’re not at the end of it yet. She’s using more words, and definitely has no issues with understanding what we say. Her hearing is good, but she’s prone to infections just like her mommy was at her age.

Her hemangioma is still present, but it’s getting very much less noticeable as the days go by. We think she’ll just need some plastic surgery to smooth it out and then she’ll be right as rain.

She also seems to be part monkey, and that makes me all shades of worried. She isn’t. I am.

I’m going to try to update more here as I can. Things in my life never are static and hopefully will nicely settle down now into a regular pattern.