I swear, I blinked and almost two years passed.

It’s been a hot minute since I last was here writing something. Thanks to the stalker who has been defaming me for two and a bit years now, my blogging has dropped to near nothing because they legit take my words and twist them into some delusional diatribe that, like all the things that they’ve accused me of – has never, will never, happen. Sadly, that means due to the fear of their baloney, I’ve stopped blogging pretty much across every site I run.

Since my last post – the kiddo has moved on to the second grade, and while there have been setbacks and detours, they’ve made some amazing progress.

They have started meds for attention, and while that has had some amazing leaps forward, there is also the negatives, like the anger when the meds start to wear off, oh and did I mention – the meds wearing off?

Kidlet is very much like me in a lot of ways that I didn’t see until after the whole family ended up with an ASD diagnosis. I’m seeing some things repeat that I know are issues that I faced as a child, and thankfully to being aware and therapy, I’m both able to stand up for their needs, and not back down.

I hope I can get back into updating things for all my sites soon, because I know there has to be at least one person out there that needs to know that they’re doing well, and that their autistic kids (and selves) aren’t broken. We just have a different Operating System.

Until next time!