One thing I’ve had throughout my life is that I’ve always been a happy learner. I love learning. That doesn’t mean that I’ve always liked school. In fact I’ve had a hard time with our public education system.

With the little miss getting an ASD diagnosis, and my own diagnosis being changed, it has been a learning experience that I never expected. In so many support groups, I see children who absolutely hate going to school, and have issues with learning – and I am not crapping on learning disabilities – it would be hypocritical of me to do so because I have a few of them myself.

I can only say that I am very lucky that my daughter took after me in terms of loving to learn, and being a happy little monkey when she’s learning.

I am so upset with our provincial government right now, so upset that I’m beyond words. They’re out and out peddling misinformation and lies about teachers and the education system. Our own supports and funding is up in the air because of this government. I cannot express how upset I am on so many levels.

It’s hard to not get discouraged. To give in and go with the flow, but I know that two things are needed – health care (mental and physical) and education. And right now, those things are being eroded around me and my child.

I am so angry folks. I am so angry that I’m done with words, and it’s time for actions. I will show educators that I support them in this. I will make sure that we don’t lose what we’ve got.