Oh little girl.

As I was folding your laundry the other day, specifically your little socks, it hit me that you’re not going to be this small much longer. Soon we’ll be seeing you off to school, and before I know it, it will be your last day of secondary school and you’ll be heading into adulthood, ready to take on the world.

That soon those little socks will just be a bit bigger, and that one day, those little socks will probably be the same size as my socks.

Made me sad in a way. In the almost two years you’ve been with me, I find myself wanting to both press pause to keep things where they are, but wanting to keep going because I want to see you grow up into the woman you’re going to be. It’s a bit of a paradoxical situation, isn’t it?

But for right now, Mommy is going to sit here with those little socks, and smile. Because there was a time we weren’t sure you were going to have the next size of socks.

<3 you little miss monkey.