• Learning at Home
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    Learning At Home

    It’s been about two months since things came to a grinding halt. We initially thought it was going to be two weeks longer than the planned March Break. But, in some ways for the best, we’ve been trying to learn from home. Kiddo has been doing well. She misses the heck out of interacting with her classmates. We’ve been lucky that we have an excellent special education team in her class, and all of us love them.  They’ve kept in touch and have been providing materials to work with her on. One thing I’ve noticed is she loves the Cbeebies Numberblocks and Alphablocks. She’s actually made huge strides in counting…

  • Home School chalk board with A B C on it
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    Schooling from Home

    With the COVID-19 pandemic all the schools are closed in our province for the next two weeks minimum. So, we’re trying to work on home schooling the Little Miss. We’re doing our part in social distancing and washing our hands/sanitizing. But being on the spectrum presents some challenges that we are trying to meet head on. One is a consistent schedule. Where everyone is working from home it’s easy to slip into the habit of just doing things whenever, where ever. So we’re working on the visual schedule. Little Miss’ father is the hardest one to get and keep on a schedule, as he has issues with telling the passage…

  • Germies
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    Germies Germies Germies

    Every year around this time, I get really wound up about viruses and germs (or viruses and germies) The first year that the little girl was with us, we almost lost her to RSV. This year my adorable little illness vector managed to catch a cold, the flu and have it progress to pneumonia in short order. My anxiety was, and is through the roof. She passed it to both her father and I, and on top of the flu, I have an ear infection. So yep, coughing, sneezing and being unable to hear. Two big thumbs up there. /sarcasm For me the flu is dangerous as I’ve got asthma.…

  • The Four-nado
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    The Four-nado

    This week, the little miss turns four. Reflecting on the last four years and how much things have changed is a bittersweet exercise. She’s definitely a four-nado. From day one she’s been a child that goes against all odds. I call her my impossible girl because there has been so much that has happened that she shouldn’t have been with us (also because she does share a birthday with an important event in Doctor Who history and one of the companions). This year, we saw her start school and get her autism spectrum diagnosis. She travelled to visit her grandparents and enjoyed a summer with them. She is flourishing. She…

  • Autism Awareness Acceptance
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    Adventures in Autism

    I’ve been putting this entry off for a while, because I’ve needed time to digest, to sit and actually feel the emotions that come with this. The little miss has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, because there is a large genetic component and as her father is on the spectrum (Aspergers), as well as other family members. But it did surprise me. I’m not going to lie. It surprised me for the fact that, as one of her speech-language therapists put it, there is no hard fast line that divides ADHD and ASD from each other. They are a Venn diagram.…

  • School
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    School Time!

    I had intended, as the little miss is one of the children born at the end of the year, to hold her back until next year to go to junior kindergarten. But it was suggested to get her into school ASAP (why this was suggested, I’ll talk about in a post soon). So off to school the little miss went, despite our misgivings. She’s only going for half days in the morning right now, and while I expected tears and screaming, she loves it and can’t wait to get back there every school day. Every day that she has an appointment (of which there have been a lot lately), she…

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    Swimming-ly Summer

    Its finally summer again. While I’m not a huge fan of the hot weather, I enjoy watching the little miss get out in her pool and go “swimming”. Right now that’s something that I enjoy. I can even get my feet in the pool and splash a bit with her. I didn’t learn to swim until I was almost 7. I had been in swimming lessons off and on before then, but I learned to swim in a family friend’s backyard pool. It happened almost as a fluke. So watching her go “swimming” and learning the basics that I always felt overwhelmed in a class setting to learn makes my…

  • Space dreams

    Space Dreams

    The little miss has developed a more than passing interest in space. She loves dang near everything to do with space. Rockets, Planets, Comets… you name it and she’s into it. I am fairly certain she has dreams of space. I think she comes by it honestly. I realized I could never go to space myself at a young age (between multiple physical issues that would keep me from it), I have been wishing and dreaming with a telescope. Soon I’ll be getting her her first telescope. I know she’s not got the patience yet to sit for hours just to watch stuff. But looking at the moon and looking…

  • Colourful Blocks in Primary Colours

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    So, it’s been a while since I sat down and wrote anything here. Truth is, I considered closing up shop. Why? Because of the words of one person. Evidently, I suck as a person and a mother, and they made sure that I knew this blog sucked. Ah well, they’re no longer in my life, and no longer my concern. I have bigger fish to fry and they are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. I have received support from quite a few people as well, and I’m thankful for that. But that’s not why I’m here today. I started this blog to chronicle what it’s like being a…

  • Toddler

    Time Flies By

    It has been a while since I last updated. I’ve been busy with the million appointments that come with both my health and the little girl’s, which means that sitting down to do blogging has kind of fallen to the wayside. Now that we’re heading into her third year, things should hopefully slow down and get into a more regular pattern. But hey, this is parenthood, so nothing is ever as planned, am I right? She still loves books, and lately Ryder and the pups are the second most favourite show (next to one about anthropomorphic trains). She played out in our first snow, and we Facetimed her grandparents so they…