Autism Awareness Month

Here in Canada, it’s Autism Awareness month. With everyone in the family being on varying points on the spectrum, we’d rather that it be Autism Acceptance. Quite a few of my friends have children on the spectrum, and I am blessed to know them. They are my people. We recognize that none of us live…… Continue reading Autism Awareness Month

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Learning At Home

It’s been about two months since things came to a grinding halt. We initially thought it was going to be two weeks longer than the planned March Break. But, in some ways for the best, we’ve been trying to learn from home. Kiddo has been doing well. She misses the heck out of interacting with…… Continue reading Learning At Home

Adventures in Autism

I’ve been putting this entry off for a while, because I’ve needed time to digest, to sit and actually feel the emotions that come with this. The little miss has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, because there is a large genetic component and as her father…… Continue reading Adventures in Autism