I take a bit of flack over my choice to not breastfeed the baby I’m having.

Yes, I’m aware that breast is best. I would love to be able to, but…

First, I’m on psych meds. Right now kidlet has no option to ingest them. When kidlet operates in the atmosphere, I have the choice as to whether I want to continue essentially forcing psych meds on a delicate new life.

Second, as I’m on psych meds, their side effects are that of lowered milk production. I don’t want to, in essence, start something I can’t finish… If I were to breastfeed, it would be until the child is on solids. Right now, research tells me that I’m likely to get three months if I’m lucky.

I applaud mothers who are able to breastfeed. Hell, I out and out envy them.